Here are some frequently asked questions about our service

Online Shop FAQ

Shida Healthcare is a company limited by shares. It is registered with Companies House in England and Wales with registration number 11318913. It is also registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria with registration number 1907028.
To send us a copy of your prescription to dispense, please click here to upload your prescription On receipt of your prescription, an email will be sent to you with details of when your prescription will be dispatched and cost of your medicines. Once your payment has been received and we have dispensed and dispatched your prescription, you will receive another email with the tracking number for your prescription.  
To buy a product from our online shop:
  1. Please click here to visit our online shop to browse through our range of products
  2. Add the items you want to your cart
  3. Once you are happy with your order, click checkout
  4. On the checkout page, please follow the onscreen instructions to place your order
  5. You will receive an email that confirms the details of your order
  6. Once your order has been processed and dispatched, you will receive another email confirmation
To give us a compliment or make a complaint, please email
To buy our products in bulk, you need to register as a wholesaler. The wholesaler registration page can be found at the end of either the home page or the contact us page. Simply enter the your email address and password to create a wholesaler account. With your wholesaler account, you can purchase any items listed on our online shop at our wholesale price which gives you 30% off the retail price.
YES, you can book an online appointment for someone else. Just make sure that you put the person's details in the booking form and the best contact details to reach the person. If the person is an adult but wants you to act on their behalf, please ensure that you have written permission from the patient as we can only discuss with the patient or their appointed representatives. This is different if the patient is under the age of 18 and you are the child's parent or legal guardian
Our online doctor service is suitable for non-emergencies only. If you need urgent or immediate medical assistance, please contact your nearest hospital or emergency services
You can ask about anything relating to your health, just the same way you would if you went to see a doctor in a hospital or clinic. For instance, you can ask questions about stomach issues, ears, nose and throat complaints, skin conditions, or aches and pains or even if you suspect you have malaria.
NO, you may book as many online consultations with a doctor as you need
Most patients receive the advice, reassurance and, where appropriate, diagnosis they need from our doctors. However, if your symptoms require a physical examination, you may be referred to your own doctor. Also, if you need further tests like blood tests or other lab tests, our doctors will refer you for one. The service is not a replacement for your own GP.
Yes, our doctors are registered with the MDCN
Yes, our pharmacists are registered with the PCN (and the GPhC)
On the 18th of November 2022, we submitted our application to the PCN for registration of our CAC registered address in Port Harcourt, Rivers State
Anyone can use our service to book an online appointment with a doctor. However, please note that our doctors are registered with the MDCN, so are subject to the regulations of the MDCN.
Anyone may upload their prescription for us to dispense. However, our pharmacy and pharmacists are located in Nigeria and subject to the regulations of the PCN.
After your booking, you will receive the link to join our doctor virtual meeting room. Once there, you can either have a video call, audio call or simply use the chat facility. The choice is completely yours.
No, only the people who need you access to your health records have access to it. People who manage the online shop orders do not have access to your health records just the doctors and pharmacy staff.